Monday, September 22, 2014

Exposition Lehnert et Landrock - Tunisie 1905-1910

Galerie Au Bonheur du Jour
11 rue Chabanais
75002 Paris

Le photographe Rudolf Lehnert et son associé Ernst Landrock s’installent en 1904 à Tunis. La formation de Lehnert à l’Institut des Arts Graphiques de Vienne, nous fait découvrir des photographies dont la composition est proche de la peinture, empreintes de pureté et de poésie.

Cette exposition-vente présente une centaine de clichés :

Scènes de la vie quotidienne, portraits, dunes, oasis, les mythiques images de nus féminins et quelques nus de garçons très rares.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Acquisition: von Plüschow (1852-1930)

This magnificent albumen photograph was shot in Pompéi by Wilhelm von Plüschow ca 1890.

I think this photograph belongs to a series shot in the Casa dei Vettii.

If I am not mistaken, the model is Pasqualino.

Von Plûschow built up this scene in a very artistic and pictorial way, playing with the light and the shade, with the colors contrast, and with the vertical and horizontal lines.

The homoerotic overtones are mixed with a subtle melancholia, like a meditation about fate and the feeting time, and indeed about Pompéi's destruction in 79 AD.

This is really a masterpiece...

Creative Commons Licence. 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recent additions to my collection: von Plüschow's photographs

I would like to share with you some of my recent findings: Wilhelm von Plüschow's vintage photographs, shot in Athens, Pompei and I guess Napoli. I think the photograph above was shot in Napoli... Could someone please confirm ?

The authentic vintage photographs I will post during the few next days are parts of a vintage album that was recently dismantled by a German dealer.

My friend Nicole Canet (Au bonheur du Jour)  bought some photographs from this album. I bought other ones from it.

Unfortunately, I don't know who was the owner of the original album, that is who bought these photographs from Plüschow himself... I just can guess he was a German man, it would have been interesting to know more about his life...

The photograph below was shot in the Dionysius Theater, down below Athens Acropolis. I don't know if von Plüschow visited Athens with his favorite Italian models (boy friends ?) or if these boys are Greek young men...

Perhaps someone among my erudite reader will clear up this point...

A last thing: you are free to download and repost these pics.

I bought them, they are parts of my personal collection, but I want to share them with you...

So I post them with a Creative Commons Licence

This license allows you to remix, tweak, and build upon these pics non-commercially, and any use of them must acknowledge "Rêves siciliens"  and be non-commercial.

I am back -- Sorry for the long pause in my posts

Dear visitors, readers and fans of "Rêves Siciliens",

First I should apologize for this long pause... Life is sometimes too hectic and busy...

"Rêves Siciliens", as any other utopia, needs serenity, time, feeling...  Perhaps I lost them for a while...

I am happy, anyway, to see my blog has still visitors, and that it became one of the places to visit on the web, for anyone interested in Taormina and von Gloeden, and more generally in vintage photography...

I cannot guarantee I will post on a daily basis...

But I will try to keep this blog alive, as long as it has visitors...

Kind regards to all


Friday, April 18, 2014

Le livre ultime sur von Gloeden ? The ultimate von Gloeden book ?

Sommes-nous sûrs de connaître l'art photographique de von Gloeden ?

Est-ce qu'il y a des photographies de Wilhelm von Gloeden rares, inédites, jamais vues ?

Ce nouveau livre édité par Nicole Canet, accompagnant son exposition, offre 220 reproductions de photographies rares, introuvables, uniques...

Nus et portraits, scènes de genre, l'Arcadie imaginaire du maître de la photographie homoérotique au seuil du XXe siècle...

Are we sure to know the whole extent of von Gloeden's photographic art ?

Are there rare, unpublished, unseen von Gloeden's photographs ?

This new book, just published by Nicole Canet, as a catalogue of the current exhibition in her gallery, offers 220 reproductions of rare, unique, vintage photographs...

Nudes and portraits, scenes de genre, such is the dreamt Arcadia of the master of homoerotic photography at the threshold of the XXth c....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beautés Siciliennes: Exposition / Exhibition in Paris

Du 16 avril au 28 juin 2014 :

Beautés siciliennes
Galerie au Bonheur du Jour
Nicole Canet
11 rue Chabanais
75002 PARIS

Catalogue de l'exposition :

Photographies 1880-1915 - Portraits, Scènes de genre, Nus
Édition limitée à 950 exemplaires numérotés à la main
248 pages, RELIÉ, 220 nouvelles photos
Certaines images très rares.
Biographie de chacun des trois auteurs
ISBN 978-2-9532351-7-3

65 euros