Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dionysus in Love

Navigating through  the WWW, by chance or because someone planned it, I found an unexpected and pleasant harbour: a place in New York city, between Grand & Canal, exactly 26 Wooster Street, a place called The Leslie / Lohman Gay Art Foundation.

It is a great Art Gallery anyone, gay or not, should visit during his/her stay in New York. It is also a virtual place anyone can visit thanks to the following URL:

leslie/lohman gay art foundation

I was particularly moved and inspired by the exhibition of an Italian artist named Marco Silombria (May 6 - June 27, 2009).

I love the concept of Dionysus in Love. It reminds me a forgotten world of dreams, illusions, desires and madness, resulting from an immoderate use of wine and trance music. Dionysios is this Greek god who loved to appear in wild landscapes where maenads, fauns and satyrs had fun with subverting the existing social order, borders and conventions...

I love this depiction of Dionysus playing on a double flute two melodies, perhaps for two desired ones, or perhaps a first music to be heard while awaken, and the other one while asleep, at the gate of a sweet dream along a loved one... I hear such a sensual music from this young musician with his almond eyes... If I was a poet of the Greek Anthology, I would probably write how jealous I feel of his double flute that is caressed by the hands and the breath, that is kissed by the lips of such a beautiful young god....

I love this other work by the same Italian artist, Marco Silombria. Bunches of grapes as well as the shape of the vase suggest against a Dionysiac context. Is this naked young man frightened of the power of wine, of the way it erases borders between light and darkness, between dream and reality, between desire and social order ?

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