Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About Jean-Xavier de Combeloup

If you are fond of vintage homoerotic photography and art (Von Gloeden, Von Plüschow, Vincenzo Galdi..), you should visit the Art Galery "Au bonheur du Jour" in Paris (11 rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris) or visit its website:

AU BONHEUR DU JOUR - Fine Art Gallery, Paris -Photographies anciennes, Vintage Photographies XIXth & XXth century

Its latest exhibition is devoted to a XXth French artist, Jean-Xavier de Combeloup, who travelled through Mediterranean countries, inspired by Greek and Latin traditions as well as by the vision of Baron Von Gloeden or the quest of Roger Peyrefitte.

Combeloup's drawings and paintings offer a unique artistic vision of the young male beauty, between creative variations around  Classical and Neo-Classical references and a kind of intimate visual diary of a young lover and artist fascinated by ephebs of the Antique tradition as well as by boys of his time, met in Italy, Sicily or Egypt.

Beauty, desires, memory, these unique and rare drawings should create many harmonics and feelings among contemporary viewers, especially those who are sensitive to the Arcadian utopia that inspired Gloeden and so many other artists...

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