Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Acquisition: von Plüschow (1852-1930)

This magnificent albumen photograph was shot in Pompéi by Wilhelm von Plüschow ca 1890.

I think this photograph belongs to a series shot in the Casa dei Vettii.

If I am not mistaken, the model is Pasqualino.

Von Plûschow built up this scene in a very artistic and pictorial way, playing with the light and the shade, with the colors contrast, and with the vertical and horizontal lines.

The homoerotic overtones are mixed with a subtle melancholia, like a meditation about fate and the feeting time, and indeed about Pompéi's destruction in 79 AD.

This is really a masterpiece...

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nicole canet said...

ce modèle sur cette jolie photo n'est pas Pasqualino mais Vincenzo Galdi

Giovanni Dall'Orto said...

Not only I confirm that this is Vincenzo Galdi,
but quite for the same reason this cannot be the Casa dei Vetti, wich was unearthed in 1894, when Galdi was 23, whereas here he is clearly much younger than 23.

Again, I would like to know the catalogue number of this image, if it is written behind it.
Thank you. Giovanni Dall'Orto.

Giovanni Dall'Orto said...

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Best wishes
Giovanni Dall'Orto

Giovanni Dall'Orto said...

I just found another pose from the same setting:,_Wilhelm_von_%281852-1930%29_-_Pompei_-_Vincenzo_Galdi.jpg