Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Old Story

Von Gloeden, Portrait of a Young Boy, c. 1899.

"You loved me, sweet, and I loved you,
Each of us deemed the other true —
What was it fell between us two ?

Your mouth a crimson flower to me,
Your eyes an  unsung melody
Woven to which I fain would be.

Each unto each we were complete,
No sound unto my ears was sweet
As the soft echo of your feet.

Was it because we loved too well,
We tired and broke the fervid spell ?
Wearied of heaven, longed for hell?

I know not, and I do not fret,
Because I hear that you forget
Even that we have ever met.

Yes, I remember without pain,
Ou joy in sunshine and in rain,
And only sigh to love again."

Standley Addleshaw (aka. Alan Stanley)
in: Michael Matthew Kailor (ed.)
Lad's Love. An Anthology of Uranian Poetry and Prose
Volume 1, Kansas City, Valancourt Books, 2010, p. 9.

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