Monday, August 15, 2011

The Photographic Art of Egon

I love Egon's photographic art... If you want to know more about his artistic universe and his books, you should click  here.
I repost on Sicilian Dreams some sample of Egon's work with his permission. Enjoy !
"For me, it is all about HUMAN EMOTIONS, how to show them, how to explain something unexplained, human soul, human chaos, desires, loves, sorrows. It is the meaning of life for me as a photographer. Human face, especially eyes, hands, and gestures, are magical signs to human soul and heart. Melancho , mystery, surreal fantasy, and often somber physical presence are well recognized qualities of my work. I am after “pure form”, art that shows the mystery of existence. 
 I admire work of photographers of the XIX/XX Century, Photo-Secessionists and members of The New School of American Photography, e.g., Fred Holland Day, Edward Steichen, Gertrude Käsebier, Anne Brigman … and Modern Masters: Joel-Peter Witkin, McDermott & McGough, John Dugdale, Robert ParkeHarrison, Herb Ritts, Greg Gorman, and David Vance …
I am interested in historical and alternative processes in photography, especially unique Cyanotype prints, Palladium/Platinum prints, and Silver Gelatin prints". 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Butterfly! I am honored! Love, EGON